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I am extremely happy to inform that Built Expressions completed three years of its uninterrupted and dedicated service in empowering the Construction Industry through Knowledge dissemination. In the recent past, Built Expressions came across an unavoidable hurdle, an insignificant administrative obstacle. We had to cross it and we did. Putrid elements separated and removed for the healthy growth of your beloved publication.

But for the entire team at Argus Media Pvt Ltd, who writes columns for you with unfathomable passion, the story is different. This hurdle remained as a small bump on their march towards progressive thinking. The entire team stay connected with a bond much stronger and with a focus unquivered. No other change. Life goes on! Our commitment remains unweathered.

From this year, 2015, with a new dawn ushering a new era, Built Expressions will reach you with a new name- Built Constructions. For you as a reader, there is not going to be any change but for the better. We are trying our best to set our boundaries within a framework that contains contents really meaningful and purposeful providing what they call- a competitive edge.

‘Built Constructions’ in this issue has its focus on developing Smart Cities as envisaged by the Government of India. Achieving the goal of developing 100 smart cities in India will require a lot more than implementing modern construction technologies. Smart City concept can be a reality only if we all gear up to improve the physical infrastructure and adopt effective governance.

The grand plan to build hundred new smart cities is both ambitious as well as deeply inadequate. For established cities, setting up smart technology in areas like water, power and transport takes longer as these cities were not built keeping technology advancement in mind. But greenfield cities coming up in and around metros—like Palava in Mumbai, the ones in Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor, Dholera in Gujarat, Shengda and Dighi in Maharashtra—have great potential as smart cities, as technology can go hand-in-hand with building the city. Country like India can witness smart cities within the proposed time given its vast amount of human, land and knowledge resources waiting to be used in the right way. Harnessing these existing resources though is a challenge, can be achieved with smarter governance.

Further, the effect of urbanisation in search of better lifestyle will see about 600 million people living in cities by 2030 and thus giving rise to significant growth opportunities in development of Smart cities as envisaged by the Government. These smart cities are expected to provide an integrated platform in respect of Economy, Mobility, Environment, People, Living and Governance. It is estimated that we require an outlay of INR 7 lakh crore over 20 years (escalation of 10% per annum) to develop 100 smart cities.

The draft concept note on smart cities specifies types of cities that would be eligible for being developed as smart cities in India. These include mix of cities with high and low population and also cities of tourist importance. Almost all cities having a population of more than 4 million are expected to have satellite cities developed as smart cities.

While we think and talk about developing Smart cities, some of the major causes of worry stare us right away. First is the shortage of manpower. As per the recent research study taken up by RICS, the annual average demand of Civil Engineers, Architects and Planners together in the Built Environment during 2010-2020 shall be a staggering four million. A simple demand-supply analysis shows that against the demand of 127500 quality Civil engineers per annum, only 26500 competent Civil Engineers are available. Second being the impact of built environment on natural environment which we have amply discussed in above paragraphs.

All said and done, as we welcome 2015, here are sincere wishes from Built Constructions to you and your family with boundless joys, incredible achievements and the serenity of fulfillment. Have a great year ahead.


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